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About Us

Our profound background in the production of Henna and offering it to the high demanding market

We launched our business aimed at supplying and distributing food stuffs (spices, dried fruits, etc.) and herbal colors (Henna, dryer’s woad, rubia, cedar,etc.) in 1982.Our determination to achieve our social and economic goals prompted us to gradually expand our newly established industry and activities. Following that, we set out to enhance our production and enlarge our warehouses in order to gain more overseas experience by starting to produce Henna at a larger scale in 1991. Therefore, our ambition drove us to set up a Henna producing factory. Our business flourished considerably so that we captured an outstanding share of Henna production.

However, our ongoing ambition and aspiration encouraged us to export our product (Henna) to West and South Central Asia and some European countries including Russia, England, Netherland. Having our own office established in North America, we are currently exporting” Sina Henna” to Canada, USA and Australia.

We are highly committed to fulfilling our customers’ expectations and living up to the highest standards as part of our main policy to have a prolific business. In additions, international standards are observed and well maintained in the design and the establishment of our company’s integrated system. We ensure that our policy is fully in alignment with the following factors:

Ongoing production that meets the international standards

Achieving optimal customers’ satisfaction

Complying with the environmental regulations (A production that is pollution/ contamination free and without unfavorable consequences to the environment)

Observing health and safety regulations for workers in the factory, and other people who may come into contact with the product.

Endeavoring persistently to improve the factory’s performance