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Henna, to some known as elixir of youth for hair and skin, is capable of strengthen and freshen hair, skin and nails…

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Natural Hair Dyes

Applying Henna powder to hair can effectively boost both its quality and thickness. Henna is best known for retaining pleasant hair quality. The regular application of Henna to the hair is capable of sealing and repairing the hair cuticle.

Nail Strengthening

Henna can be used to effectively strengthen nails and treat cracking nails. Another medicinal use of Henna is its remarkable capability to treat pus filled swellings, mange and scabies.

Skin Care

Henna has pharmaceutically been proven to be an effective a for skin diseases, disorders and irritations such as boils and burns.

Temporary Tattoos

Henna tattoos are famous for temporarily artistic designs and figures on people’s bodies. Henna tattoo practice is very popular as body arts ink now days.



We mass-produce 100% herbal Henna powder from our trusted Henna farms, which guarantee the best quality Henna color.

International Export

We export our well-produced Henna to worldwide range with trusted couriers.

International Standards

We are highly committed to fulfilling our customer's expectations, needs and living up to the highest standards.